our story




It all began…

when I faced some of my greatest challenges in life as a 30-something year old adult. I was a mother, going to graduate school, living in a new city thousands of miles away from family & friends, and in a marriage that was no longer working. I had been one of those people who kept busy and worked hard, thinking those strategies would give me security and happiness. They didn’t. My life began to “fall apart” (at least that’s how it felt at the time). I had to come face-to-face with the anxiety, fears and emotional wounds that had been driving my life in unhealthy ways.

As I put my life back together again, I began dreaming about a community of woman who could encourage each other in the same courageous work of breaking through what holds each of us back and inspire each other towards greater freedom and fulfillment in our lives. A community of WOMEN FINDING FREEDOM.

As an overcomer and a therapist, I’ve learned that living a FULL & FREE LIFE is not about perfection and it’s not about magic. It’s about perseverance, intention, grace, laughter and community.

The dream is to build a community of women, where judgement and comparison are replaced with encouragement, support and determination. Where together, we lean into Sojourner Truth’s belief “No one is fully free until everyone is free” and thus, take on the challenge to live a life of freedom and fullness as we support other women to do the same. We will do this through participating in support groups, gathering at events and supporting female freedom fighters in other parts of the world.

WELCOME…I hope you join us. You deserve FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT, and we want to encourage you in that journey.

With All My Heart,